Life In Three Hills

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bob and Kris Murray are a busy pair, wearing many different hats. Not only do they both teach, but they have coached volleyball and are currently coaching basketball and teaching Sunday School for grades 6-8. Though they are consumed with business and duties, they count it as blessings that they are able to do these things together.
These outside activities and their daily "Bob and Kris time" have not only made them more unionized as a couple but they have learned to appreciate each other's qualities (though sometimes annoying) more than ever.
Not too long ago, they learned that they were pregnant and they couldn't be happier! Kris is due in August and has already experienced some nausea and is now in the process of battling a cold.
Bob continues to make Kris feel as comfortable as possible as he is consistent in doing laundry, cooking, and tidying. Kris is and will be forever grateful.
Kris is now 2 months preggo and both are eagerly awaiting the buldging stomach! Please keep us in your prayers!
And keep watching for updated pics!